Does the dating process ever feel like a chore? Have you ever felt let down or disappointed after initially being extremely excited about a prospective mate? As a woman, I know what it feels like to become frustrated with the dating process. I believe that dating can be fun and exciting, but only if you avoid the 3 mistakes that I am about to share.

1) Limiting your options
It is okay to have standards, but you should never limit yourself to specific physical characteristics. Women often state that there are not any good men left. When in fact, there are millions of good men out there. Unfortunately, many good men are bypassed, because they are not deemed physically attractive . There are also women who will only date professional men or men in a specific income bracket. If you have strict guidelines, you significantly limit your options.

2) Falling too hard too fast
When you first begin dating someone who seems to be exactly what you want, you might be tempted to fall hard pretty quickly. When you fall too hard too fast, your ability to notice red flags diminish. Give yourself an opportunity to truly become acquainted with a prospective mate. I highly recommend becoming friends first and then see where the relationship takes you. Men are competitive and they love a challenge. Give a prospective mate an opportunity to call or text you. Falling too hard too fast brings with it a lot of unnecessary heartache, if the relationship does not work out.

3) Detaching from friends
This is a mistake made by women far too often. You should never stop calling or spending time with your friends, just because you have entered a relationship. If you pay attention, men rarely make this mistake. In fact, if they like you, they will actually introduce you to their friends. Continue calling and spending time with your friends. By having a life of your own, you will not be sitting around waiting for him to call or take you on a date.

Dr. Jessica Houston