Hello! I’m back again with another Winning on Wednesday post. We are pretty busy at expectingvictory.com and because of that we are little behind schedule. Our apologies, but there are great goodies to come from it and I’m here to get you all caught up.

I’m sure you all are #expectingvictory just as much as I am. In the mist of expectation we are typically anticipating. While anticipation may run high, it is important to not allow fear to control our thoughts and our actions.

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As Dr. Houston wrote last week, “The Power of Pushing Through Your Fears” is important because if we remain comfortable we do not grow. We do not want to be stagnant or stifled. We want to strive for success and reach heights that we never thought could be made possible.

Here’s a few tips on how self can win in the battle against fear:

1) Assess what makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t.
Beginning with the identification of what we are uncomfortable with allows us to see which route we need to take to break out of our comfort zone in order to grow. What do you want to achieve? What steps need to be taken?

2) Practice positive self affirmation.
Fear often causes us to doubt ourselves and lower our own expectations of what we are truly capable of doing. Learn to celebrate each thing that you have done successfully. Celebrate each step that you have taken outside of your comfort zone. There’s no need to overlook these things. Each action is considered progress for the better. Treat it as such. Note to yourself that you have done a good job, you’re becoming better, stronger and more confident. The more you speak it, you’ll believe it and realize how true it is. This is a major part of overcoming fear because you actually have begun the process of changing your mindset. Once your mind has conquered doubt and fear, there’s nothing stopping you.

3) Reflect on your growth.
Take a moment to realize how far you come whether it is by the day, by the week, by the month and even the year. Take note of the things you have done in order to achieve your goals over time. You will begin to notice how things have to changed simply because you are no longer comfortable.

Once we follow the three steps in this post, we will begin to see how we perceive ourselves and how we can improve that perception to overcome our battles.

BONUS: Write all of these things in a journal. Writing all your changes, big and small, will allow you to keep an actual tangible record of how you have become strong, better and more confident.

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In “Women’s Secrets”, Dr. Houston talks about how self can beat fear. Chapter 1 is titled, How I Came to See Myself. She talks about how self-perceptions significantly impacts the many areas of our lives. To learn how Dr. Houston learned to see herself to become better read “Women’s Secrets”.

Be sure to check back for additional ways to Win on Wednesday!