My desire to constantly expand my knowledge base and my passion for helping others are qualities that have contributed to both my personal and professional development. However, there were other qualities, such as self-doubt, low self-confidence, and poor decision making that prevented me from living the life that I was designed to live. I believe that everyone has what it takes to be successful. However, everyone is not ready for the sacrifices that accompany next level success. If you have a desire to get to the next level, you must be ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Moreover, you must not succumb to the small voice that constantly tells you that you are inadequate. Are you ready for the next level? Below are 3 signs that confirm that you are next level ready:

1. You are willing to move out of your comfort zone (being nervous is normal)

2. You are willing to invest the time, money, and commitment required for next level success

3. You are willing to let go of the people and habits that do not add value to your life

If you are not ready right now, it is not too late to become next level ready! Until next time…

Dr. Jessica Houston