There are times when life will throw you a curve ball that makes you feel as though you cannot move forward. I have certainly been there. In fact, I have had some days when I didn’t think that I had another tear left to cry. However, I see now that discouragement, anger and replaying those negative thoughts over and over is just another tactic of the enemy. The enemy does not want to see you happy. What excites the enemy, is seeing you give up and ultimately stop believing that better days are ahead. Did you know that Satan will work through others to get you to take your eyes off of your vision? Think about it….if you are spending most of your time focusing on the negative, you are not spending time building the vision that God has given you.

I know that life can get rough at times. However, I also know that God has a plan for your life. Today I want to challenge you to redirect your thoughts. I want you to reframe your thoughts whenever you see them going in the wrong direction. You have the power to be happy. Likewise, you also have the power to remain bitter about everything that has not gone exactly the way that you had planned. If you would de-clutter your mind and begin utilizing the gifts, talents and skills that you have, you can accomplish more than you ever imagined. I want you to decide right now that you will immediately dismantle the negative chatter and begin building the vision that God has given you. Until next time……

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW