motivationgetsyoustarted Feb 2016

Will you take a moment to think about some of the commitments that you have made to yourself? Have you stayed true to them? What happens when your initial excitement begins to fade? I’m willing to bet that this is when recurring thoughts of quitting begin to creep in. This is the point where most people decide to give up. So, if you push through these feelings, you are well on your way to accomplishing your goal. I believe that being committed ultimately means choosing to keep going when everything in you says, “just let it go, this is probably not for me.” The truth is that risk and uncertainty are integral components of success. In essence, if you are not willing to take a risk, you cannot expect to accomplish anything extraordinary. Now, I’m not saying that you should do something outrageous or not well thought out. However, I am saying that you have to be willing to experience discomfort.

Anything worth having is going to cost you something! Your next level will require that you pursue a goal that makes you extremely nervous. This is the only way that you will discover how far you can truly go. You must equate your commitment to running a marathon and not a sprint. Far too often, we start out full of energy, it dwindles and then we conclude that we must have made the wrong decision. When in actuality, we just needed to slow down and pace ourselves. Are you in this for the long haul? Today, I challenge you to embrace fear and uncertainty. Don’t run away from your challenges instead be willing to take them on. When you say, “YES” to something that scares you, you will not know EXACTLY how things will work out. However, do not waste time and energy focusing on the fact that you do not have all of the answers. Worry does not solve problems. What I challenge you to do is simply commit to being committed. Your ability to stay committed will ultimately be the difference between living an average life and living an extraordinary life. Will you commit to being committed? Until next time….

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW