So, I realize that most of us have been taught that being competitive is a good thing. In fact, some of you reading this have probably been reprimanded for not being competitive enough. I hope that you are open to a different perspective, because, I want to share with you a better way to excel in life and in business. Below you will find 3 reasons why you should never compete.

Reason #1: Competing is a major distraction. If you are focused on your competition, then you are not focused on improving your knowledge base, your skills, your services, your creativity, etc. Think about it, if you are running a close race and you take a moment to look back, those few seconds could cost you the race. Likewise, do not be concerned about what your “perceived” competitors are doing. Instead, I want you to focus on how you can be better than you were the day before.

Reason #2: Competing causes you to aim too low. If you are in competition with a person or an organization, you are likely striving to catch up with them or surpass them. I believe that this is setting the bar too low. What I challenge you to do instead is remove the bar! I am willing to bet that you have the capacity to do something that has never been done. All you have to do is take the limits off of what you believe you can accomplish and trust your genius.

Reason #3: When you cease to compete, you are in a position to dominate. Domination is the goal of champions. When you dominate, you have a commanding influence. You are not trying to compete, because you are in a league of your own. So, from today forward do not waste any time or energy competing. In this season, I’m challenging you to dominate to the extent that you will have more opportunities than you can handle. In fact, I’m challenging you to dominate to the extent that people are lining up to pay you, because they are anxious to learn how you do what you do.

No one can beat you at being you. Now get out there and dominate!

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW