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We typically do not think about or discuss habits often, but they actually play a major role in our daily lives. While some habits should be maintained, there are others that must be corrected. The truth is that our habits often determine whether or not we excel in our personal and professional endeavors. Can you think of any repetitive thoughts or behaviors that are not aligned with what you say you want? Habits are easy to develop, but correction requires persistence and determination.

Habit #1: Negative Thinking- This is the culprit that causes us to think ourselves into a state of anxiety and/or depression. Have you not done this before? You are literally thinking about how you are going to make an absolute fool of yourself or you are ready to go after something that you want, but you talk yourself out of it. In fact, just as you are preparing to take action, you think, they will never give me _____, who wants to hear from me? I would love to _____, but I don’t have the skill, education, confidence, discipline, etc. Hopefully, you get my point. Negative thinking causes you to doubt yourself and has possibly caused you to miss out on huge opportunities.

Habit #2: Impatience- This habit is responsible for a great deal of poor decision- making. So things are not going as you had expected. You have not met your life partner, landed the job/client you have been praying for. Perhaps you have done everything you know to do, but you have only made very little progress. When in this position, the most convenient thing to do is assume that this is a sign that you need to quit or tone down your goal (settle). We far too often see what others have accomplished, but we have no idea how long it took them to get there. Please do not allow the habit of impatience to interfere with your journey towards getting what you deserve. Patiently waiting is not easy, but it sure is worth it. Especially, when you hang in there and ultimately achieve your goal.

Today, I am challenging you to become more aware of your habits and how they impact you on a daily basis. I am here for you, if you desire support in this area. My private coaching clients are yielding greater results in their businesses as well as their personal lives, because they are very intentional about weeding out the habits that have been impeding their growth and development. You can visit to schedule a complimentary strategy session. Feel free to share this article with family, friends and/or colleagues. Until next time…..

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW