Have you ever asked God to expand your territory? I know that I have.

Sometimes when we ask God to enlarge our territories and expand our borders, we are not prepared for that growth. There are times when, in order to expand and grow, we might have to give up a few things. Yes, even some of the things that we enjoy. The truth is that we have to make more room for what God wants to give us.

This means letting go of the things that waste our time. This means letting go of people and habits that currently are not contributing to our expansion. Are you willing to say goodbye to your self-sabotaging habits? Some habits that must be released include: having unrealistic expectations, being easily distracted, being unfocused and of course procrastinating. Set boundaries in your relationships and limit the access people have to you and your time if they are not building you up and supporting your growth. Purge the useless things taking up space. Get rid of the strongholds that keep you bound in unhealthy cycles and living beneath your potential. Prune the unhealthy stuff from your life so that you can flourish. That is how you will become the best version of yourself.

May you receive an unexpected blessing this week!

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW