It is human nature to be anxious about a situation that is plaguing us. It is also common to focus on what is missing and how far away we are from our desired destination. However, when we focus on what is missing, it is almost impossible for us to experience genuine happiness. I know that I have not come close to experiencing all that God has intended for my life. However, even during difficult situations, I must be patient enough to wait until God is ready to reveal his plan. What do you need to hand over to God today? His desire is not for us to be worried, broken and unhappy. His desire is for us to be whole, prosperous and filled with unwavering joy.

God wants us to be confident in his ability to meet our needs. This means, that we cannot continually worry about how our situation is going to work out. There is often an urge to give up, when you are under pressure and cannot see the entirety of God’s plan. Unfortunately, if you succumb to the urge to give up, you forfeit the multitude of blessings that God has in store for you. Will you please take a moment to thank God for all that he has already done in your life? Stop right where you are and take a few deep breaths. Breathe, relax and let go of the urge to worry. If you think about it, God always comes through for you. It might not be within your desired timeframe, but he will respond to your request according to his divine timing. He knows when it is time to shift your circumstances. Push through your fears and hold on to God’s promise. Praise him in the midst of your battle and see what happens!

Peace AND Blessings

Dr. Jessica Houston