African American Model 2

Pay very careful attention to the frustration that you feel when you decide to pursue your BIG VISION. Many times the tension and frustration that you experience is an indication that you are right in the middle of God’s will for your life. Don’t allow your feelings to forfeit the BEST THING that could ever happen to you. I am willing to bet that your breakthrough is right in front of you. The enemy WILL create fear and doubt when he sees that you are on the verge of manifesting God’s plan.

The enemy will make you feel like quitting and you will begin to have feelings you’ve never had before! The tension may begin to invade your sleep and clutter your mind. When you are pursuing your dreams, the enemy does everything he can to disrupt your path. Don’t even think about buying into the notion that manifesting your promise will be easy. Success looks pretty on the outside, but the truth is that struggle, disappointment and mistakes are a part of the process. Lack of patience is a great deceiver and discourager. .

Remember, when you are on target, you become a target. Your inner critic will try to convince you that you are not equipped for the path that you are on. Note: You will not create the life of your dreams without some tension. You cannot accomplish the extraordinary without some resistance.

Today, I am asking you to declare the blessings that God has for you. Keep pressing and you will see your promise manifest!

Until next time….

Dr. Jessica Houston, LMSW
Success Coach and Empowerment Speaker
Expecting Victory