If I ask you to defend your happiness, what would that mean to you? Does the idea of defending your happiness sound a little extreme? Does it sound like work? I hope that it sounds like work, because, just like everything else in life, it takes work to be happy. Your state of happiness should be deliberate and intentional. There will be moments of difficulty and even disappointment. However, you cannot allow those moments to consume you and hold your happiness hostage. One sure way to defend your happiness, involves distancing yourself from people who are always negative.

Have you ever been in an awesome mood, because something exciting happened? Did you pick up the phone to call a friend or loved one to share your good news? What happens next is very important. Either the person on the receiving end is excited for you or not. Unfortunately, within minutes, your joy and excitement can be sucked right out of you. This has happened to me, many times. Now that I recognize, how important it is to be surrounded by positive people, I intentionally limit my time spent around people who are negative and pessimistic. I still love them, but I must do so from a distance.

Take a minute to reflect upon the people whom you spend the most time with. Are they pushing you to grow or are they bringing you down? Do they pour into you or are they draining you? Connecting with people who are optimistic and goal-oriented is a great way to defend your happiness. This week, I challenge you to defend your happiness. Choosing to be happy will create the positive energy needed to enhance your relationships and your overall well-being!

Peace AND Blessings,

Dr. Jessica Houston
Success Coach and Empowerment Speaker
Expecting Victory