Is it possible that your freedom is tied into someone else’s deliverance? It may sound strange, but unfortunately this is very common. If there is someone in your life that you want to see set free from bondage, it probably feels like a burden. You wonder, why they don’t see that they are heading down a path of destruction. It’s clear to you and everyone else, but they have probably gotten so comfortable in their situation that they are ok if they are never set free. Now, when they hit a rough patch, they may come to you for help or guidance, but it won’t be long before they are right back where they started.

Unfortunately, your begging, pleading, crying and even telling them what can happen if they don’t change will not move them. At this point, you must make a decision. Do you continue carrying their burden or do you release it? You cannot hold yourself responsible for the decisions made by an adult. If you are not careful, you will begin to feel like their situation has not changed, because you should be doing more. If you have reached this place, it is decision time.  Are you utilizing your time, energy and resources wisely? Your health and well-being are very important. Are you putting your own health at risk? I’m challenging you to pull back and start praying for that person to DESIRE change. Some burdens are not meant for you to carry. When you release what has been weighing you down, you ultimately set YOURSELF free. Until next time….

Dr. Jessica Houston