Women’s Secrets: It’s Time to Stop Suffering in Silence is a motivational book, written by Dr. Jessica Houston. In this book, Dr. Houston utilizes her past experiences and her passion for helping others to develop a powerful roadmap for women who are seeking to live an extraordinary life.  There are issues such as intimate partner violence, child sexual abuse, low self-confidence, and depression that affect millions of women daily. However, instead of verbalizing these issues, women are keeping them to themselves and suffering in silence. This book encourages women to stop masking and suppressing their pain. Suppression is not a viable solution, because it does not address the presenting issue at its core. Subsequently, suppression can only serve as a temporary coping mechanism.  This book provides an opportunity for women to come to terms with their painful experiences. Moreover, it prompts women to initiate the process of healing and live the victorious life that they were designed to live. After reading this book, women will be empowered to discover and walk in their purpose. Finally, women will be equipped with the knowledge, power and resources needed to transition from a place of self doubt and pain, to a place of confidence and restoration.

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