Seeking Explosive Growth? 

Get Clear. Get Focused. Generate Profits.

Are you ready to walk in your true potential and impact the world in a BIGGER way? If so, you have come to the right place!

If you are tired of trying to figure this "entrepreneur" puzzle out, then the Explosive Growth Master Class is the piece you have been missing.  

Most emerging business owners are frustrated, because: 
1. They are working, but not seeing results
2. They need a solid lead generation strategy
3. They need to know what to focus on
4. They need a proven blueprint to follow

This is why I am super committed to sharing how you can Get Clear AND Start Generating Profits!!!

You Will Discover How To:
-Maximize your earning potential
esign a profitable business model
-Become more productive
-Accelerate your success
-Enter your profit zone

What is included in the Explosive Growth Master Class?

  • Explosive Action Guide- 10 powerful success strategies that you can begin implementing NOW
  • Guidance on goal setting, marketing and client attraction 
  • Learn how to Amplify Your Message. The right messaging is GUARANTEED to increase sales
  • Learn how to create a clear, compelling and captivating brand message
  • Discover How to Increase Your Visibility in the Marketplace       
  • **Bonuses**
  • 8 Step Marketing Plan
  • Money Making Blueprint
  • Media Pitching Strategy

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Warning! This is NOT an ordinary Master Class. You will learn how to elevate your brand in the shortest possible time. 


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It's Time To Manifest Your Vision!


“There may come a time when you decide to take a leap of faith and start your own business. It will cause enthusiasm but also anxiety. You will wonder how to get started or doubt if anyone will want what you have to offer. If this is you, I urge you to reach out to Dr. Jessica Houston with This phenomenal business coach, author, and empowerment speaker will work with you to identify, develop, and transform your goals into reality!

I recently completed her Explosive Growth Master Class and am so glad I made the investment. This program provides strategies on identifying and connecting with your ideal client while developing yourself, your brand, and your core message to make that connection beneficial for both. In the Explosive Growth Master Class, Dr. Houston will not simply tell you what you do. Instead, the assignments (yes there is work involved) allow you to pull out what is already inside you and hold yourself accountable for completing the tasks for YOUR business.

Get off the fence. Make the move. Connect with Dr. Jessica Houston and register for her Explosive Growth Master Class! The world is waiting for your product or service and Dr. Houston will work with you to get it to the masses.”

Cathy L. Webb, The Confidence Queen
YOU, Unlimited

“Polishing Your Crown From Within” 

Before working with Dr. Jessica Houston I struggled with truly focusing on a strategy to take my business to the next level.  Since working with Dr. Houston I am more focused, experienced phenomenal breakthroughs and work on my strategic plan with clarity. 

Patty Murray

Awareness Coach


I guarantee that you will find this 4 week program to be a a business game changer. Don't take my word for it though, see for yourself by purchasing the Explosive Growth Master Class and implementing the strategies that are provided. If you do not walk away with more clarity, let me know  30-45 days after your purchase date, and I will refund every penny.


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