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443A0296 (1)Are you seeking someone who will connect with your audience? Dr. Houston has a speaking style that is captivating and engaging. She speaks from her heart, and believes in exceeding expectations. Her messages are relevant and her energy is sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Dr. Houston travels the world speaking and training at Schools, Colleges, Faith Based Institutions, Family Advocacy Agencies and at National Conferences. Dr. Houston has been teaching and training for over a decade. She will over deliver and you can count on her to share practical tools and strategies that your audience can begin implementing immediately.  Do not let your audience down, by bringing in someone who does not engage them and inspire them to action. Check out a few of Dr. Houston’s speaking topics below. Upon request, she will craft a special message for your event.

Signature Speaking Topics

Unleashing Your Happiness
Although happiness is often attributed to external factors, research suggests that DNA accounts for about 50 percent of our baseline level of happiness. The remaining 50 percent of is within our personal control. In this highly engaging training Dr. Houston empowers attendees to identify and address common barriers to happiness. She understands what it feels like to smile on the outside, while secretly battling low self- confidence, anxiety and depression. Six years ago, Dr. Houston experienced authentic happiness for the first time in her life. Now, she is committed to sharing practical strategies that will help others experience authentic happiness as well.

Help For the Helper
This training was designed for leaders, educators, social workers, and other helping professionals. As a social worker and educator, Dr. Houston understands the amount of energy and commitment it takes to help others. This training provides practical strategies that helping professionals can utilize to re-energize their inner helper. This training also teaches helping professionals how to avoid compassion fatigue. Dr. Houston has created a fun and engaging way to cover the essential topic of self-care. Experiencing this training will help you become a better you, so that you can become an even better helper. This is a workshop that you do not want to miss.

The Power of Self Management
Your habits will either positively or negatively impact your goals. Research has indicated that there is a correlation between proficient self-management and admirable performance. In this training, attendees will learn how to conquer fear and doubt. Attendees will also learn how to become effective communicators. Slow progress is great, but with the right strategy, you can experience tremendous growth. Dr. Houston developed this training for leaders who desire to establish challenging goals and achieve them.

Unlocking Your Destiny
Are you ready to take charge of your destiny? It’s not enough to simply desire to be successful. Success requires persistence and tenacity. Unlocking Your Destiny will help you recognize self-limiting beliefs and behaviors. This training will also help you develop a game plan for enhancing your personal and professional growth. You are the artist of your destiny. With the proper guidance and strategy, you can dominate in your area of expertise. If you are ready to step into your greatness, this training is for you!

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