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Are you seeking someone who will connect with your audience? Dr. Houston has a speaking style that is captivating and engaging. Her messages are relevant and her energy is sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Dr. Houston is a national and international keynote speaker. She has been teaching and training for over a decade. Dr. Houston will over deliver and you can count on her to share practical tools and strategies that your audience can begin implementing immediately.  Do not let your audience down, by bringing in someone who does not engage them and inspire them to action. Check out a few of Dr. Houston’s speaking topics below. Upon request, she will craft a special message for your event.

Signature Speaking Topics

Exceptional Leadership: Keys To Peak Performance
Exceptional leaders remain creative and efficient, even when conditions are not ideal. In a highly engaging training session, leaders will learn how to become more efficient and productive. Leaders will also discover how to improve employee engagement and retention. Together, we will explore vital skills and qualities that are crucial to effective leadership.

Emerge: How to Become an Influential Communicator
Effective communication is critical to personal and professional growth. In this interactive and engaging training, attendees will learn the benefits of clear, concise and reflective communication. Attendees will also learn how non-verbal gestures, tone and timing can impact the way a message is perceived. Everyone will leave with practical tools and relationship building strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Accelerated Growth: How to Position Yourself for Advancement
There is an ongoing conflict between who you are and who you are becoming. However, with the right strategy, the right mindset and consistent preparation, you can reach your professional goals quicker and easier. This training provides self-management tools that are essential to career success. In this highly engaging training, attendees will learn how to identify and cultivate their most profitable skills. Attendees will also discover how to amplify their productivity and performance. Everyone will leave this training with actionable steps that are guaranteed to foster growth and produce unprecedented results.

Dr. Houston Engages youth on Academic Excellence, College and Career Readiness, Self Worth, Effective Use of Social Media and Leadership. She also provides Relevant Tangible Tools on the importance of Image Awareness, Character Development, Gender Equality and More- all in an effort to produce Scholars of purpose and excellence- ready for global interfacing.

Colleges/Young Adults:
Dr. Houston presents relevant keynotes and workshops on Leadership, Domestic Violence/Dating Violence Awareness, Anger Management, Women’s Empowerment, Effective Use of Social Media, Self Esteem/Self Efficacy, as well as Effective Marketing and Branding for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

…..And Much More

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